Tiny Miniature FPV Thermal Camera
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Tiny Miniature FPV Thermal Camera


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Tiny Miniature FPV Thermal Camera

Dronesvision provides a low-cost choice for First Person View (FPV) micro-size thermal cameras.

Discover our latest small-scale thermal camera equipped with an uncooled infrared sensor module that uses the “Falcon” ISP chip.

Tiny Miniature FPV Thermal Imager’s core: Falcon ISP

Tiny Miniature FPV Thermal Imager’s core: Falcon ISP

The “Falcon” ISP chip is a special infrared processing chip that was developed independently by Infisense. Instead of the FPGA scheme used on traditional thermal imaging modules, this new thermal imager uses a new self-developed 12μm pixel WLP IR detector.

The new self-developed 12μm pixel WLP IR detector provides a parallel digital interface for easy integration development to flexibly access various intelligent processing platforms.

Tiny Miniature Size And Lightweight Thermal Camera Parts For Drones

This newly designed thermal camera is characterized by its low cost compared with other mini cameras and its multiple advantages. Such as its high performance, rather small size, and lighter weight than most of the thermal camera modules.

The physical entity of the thermal camera module is small scale and light-weighted

Without a lens and flanges, the sensor module has a size of 21mm x 21mm and a weight of less than 8g.

Various expansion interfaces for the micro thermal camera module

Whether you are a professional unmanned aircraft system manufacturer, a person who wants to modify drones, or build a drone DIY step by step. It satisfied the application in multiple requirements of SWaP3 (size, weight and power, performance, and price).

Applications For The Newly Designed FPV Thermal Camera

Thermal cameras can clearly display the positions of objects emitting heat in different situations like in the absence of light, or in situations with dense smoke, thick fog, and so on.

The miniature FPV thermal camera provides high-quality images.

Based on the leading image processing algorithm and infrared temperature measurement algorithm in the industry, the thermal camera modules of this series provide high-quality infrared images and high-precision temperature measurement functions.

With this thermal camera’s high-quality infrared images and high-precision temperature measurement, tasks like target seeking, searching, and rescuing in various environments could be accomplished more easily than before.

Tiny Miniature FPV Thermal Camera Demonstration Video

Tiny Miniature FPV Thermal Camera Parameters

  • Detector Type : Vanadium oxide Uncooled Infrared Focal Plane Detector
  • Resolution : 640×512
  • Frame Rate : 25Hz
  • Pixel Spacing : 12μm
  • Response Wave Band : 8~14μm
  • Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference : ≤50mK@25°C,F#1.0(≤40mK optional)

Image adjustment

  • Brightness Adjustment : Optional in 0~255
  • Contrast Adjustment : Optional in 0~255
  • Polarity : White heat/Black heat
  • Pseudo Color : Available
  • Image Mirroring : Up and down / left and right/ diagonal
  • Crosshairs : Display / hide / move
  • Image Processing
  1. TECLESS algorithm
  2. Nonuniformity correction
  3. Digital filtering noise reduction
  4. Digital detail enhancement

Thermal camera module

  • Power Consumption @25°C : <0.65W
  • Power Supply : 5V-12V(1)
  • Power Supply Protection : Available in anti-reverse and over-under voltage protection.
  • Output Type
  1. Analog Video : One-circuit PAL or NTSC
  2. Digital Video : USB 、 BT.656
  • Serial Communication : UART、RS232、RS422

Thermal camera module physical properties

(Without lenses and flanges)

  • Weight : <8g
  • Size : 21mm×21mm

Thermal camera module temperature measurement

  • Temperature Measurement Range : From -20°C to +150°C
  • Temperature Measurement Precision : ± 2 °C or ± 2% of readings (take the larger)       (@ambient temperature – 20 °C ~ 60 °C)
  • Temperature Measurement Way : Point, line, frame

Environmental adaptability

  • Work Temperature : From -40°C to +80°C
  • Storage Temperature : From -50°C to +85°C
  • Humidity : 5% – 95%, no condensation
  • Vibration : 6.06G , random vibration
  • Impact : 80G@4ms. 3 axis 6 directions sawtooth wave

Lens specifications

  • Array Specification : 640x512mm
  • Lens Type : 18mm F1.1
  • Focus Mode : Fixed focus Athermalization
  • FOV(H×V) : 24.2°×19.5°
  • IFOV : 0.7mrad
  • Weight : 16g±5%


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