DJI iOSD MARK ll HUD On Screen Display for DJI WooKong WK-M

DJI iOSD MARK ll HUD On Screen Display for DJI WooKong WK-M


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*DJI iOSD MARK II On Screen Display – 2x CAN-Bus Cable – 1x Video Input Cable – 2x Video Output Cable – 1x 2-PIN to 3-PIN Cable – DJI 1 Year Limited Warranty
*Video Input Mode: PAL/NTSC
*Video Output Mode: PAL/NTSC
*Voltage: 3S-6S(LiPos)
*Current (Typical Value): 60mA at 25.2V103mA at 12.6V

The DJI iOSD MARK II On Screen Display is specially designed for autopilot system during the FPV flight or other aero-modeling activates. The DJI iOSD can transmit video and iOSD information in real time, which will help you to obtain the aircraft status information during a FPV flight. It can display power voltage, flight velocity, height, distance from the home point, horizontal attitude, GPS satellite number, etc. iOSD and video information are superposed on the receiver, making iOSD data clearly visible and bringing you a more involved flight experience. The DJI iOSD should be used in conjunction with a DJI autopilot system. It supports two video input sources under PAL or NTSC mode, which can be selected remotely by an R/C transmitter switch. The R/C TX switch can also change the wireless video transmitter channel remotely when user uses the wireless video transmitter specified by DJI. The iOSD supports online upgrades. The iOSD has built-in BEC, which is on one hand for the power supply of the camera, on the other hand for the power supply of the autopilot system’s main controller to improve the power supply reliability of the main controller. Highly Integrated, Beautiful And Practical, Compact Size The DJI iOSD Mark II adopts a highly integrated design which makes it very exquisite and practical. Many of the real-time aircraft flight information, such as the status and coordinates of the aircraft, are superposed on the video which gives you


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