Team BlackSheep TBS EZOSD

The TBS EzOSD is an improvement over the standard EzOSD from ImmersionRC. It will help you get quicker and more reliable satellite fix for your GPS. This has been a huge problem especially for us mountain flyers. This is simply the best OSD out there for a steady and solid GPS fix, required for a reliable tracking station, accurate altitude and improved dive speed reading. You can get a lock within 35 seconds under ideal conditions and an immediate lock if you’re just changing batteries.

The custom firmware is a crucial improvement for the long range pilots. It gives you a “mW per kilometer” gauge similar to your car dashboard. It lists your current and average battery consumption and tells you how much range you have left. Very helpful to find out how much further you can fly and when you have to turn around.

Also, the firmware is tailored to all EzUHF out there. The menu was simplified and a lot of default values make life even easier to set it up. All in all this is just the result of almost 2 years of almost daily testing and improving upon things that we did not like. This is the most “plug & play” OSD out there.

Purchase of TBS EzOSD includes

  • 1 x EzOSD with improved GPS
  • 1 x Current Sensor
  • 1 x EzOSD cable set

Additional information

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