LawMate TM-241800 2.4GHz 1000mW Wireless AV Transmitter V2


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Caution:The working voltage of this transmitter is 12VDC (3S1P Lipoly Battery Packs)

LawMate 2.4G 1000mW TM-241800 Wireless Video Audio AV Sender Channels & Frequencies

CH 1 : 2410 Mhz
CH 2 : 2430 Mhz
CH 3 : 2450 Mhz
CH 4 : 2470 Mhz
CH 5 : 2310 Mhz
CH 6 : 2330 Mhz
CH 7 : 2490 Mhz
CH 8 : 2510 Mhz

Note: TM-241800 Wireless Audio Video Transmitters may notbe legal for using in some countries. can’t held any responsabilities for the use of these devices. This Wireless Video AV VTx Transmitter can working with LawMate RX-2460CK Wireless Video Audio AV VRx receiver


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