LawMate TM-121800D 1.2GHz 1000mW Wireless AV Transmitter V3

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Caution:The working voltage of this transmitter is 5VDC

LawMate 1.2G 1000mW TM-121800 Wireless Video Audio AV Sender Channels & Frequencies

CH 1 : 1080 Mhz
CH 2 : 1120 Mhz
CH 3 : 1160 Mhz
CH 4 : 1200 Mhz
CH 5 : 1240 Mhz
CH 6 : 1280 Mhz
CH 7 : 1320 Mhz
CH 8 : 1360 Mhz


  • TM-121800 Wireless Audio Video Transmitters may not be legal for using in some countries. can't held any responsabilities for the use of these devices.
  • This Wireless Video AV VTx Transmitter can working with LawMate RX-1260D Wireless Video Audio AV VRx receiver, for using this transmitter, your receiver must switch to position "B"
  • If your RC transmitter is 2.4Ghz, you should consider to add a low pass filter to prevent this high power wireless video transmitter to interferences your 2.4G RC system.

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