Feiyu Tech Hornet OSD (FY-OSD)

Working status explanation:

After connecting the power supply, the indicator LED light will be activated. The Hornet- OSD will automatically detect the incoming video (NTSC or PAL).The “NTSC” or “PAL” will overlaid on the screen when the video signal is detected. If Data is received from the autopilot (FY-21AP, FY31AP, FY-3ZT or GPS module) the LED indicator of Hornet- OSD will begin to flash. If not, the Hornet-OSD will automatically restart after waiting for 20 seconds.

Once the input video is detected even if there is interruption to the video signal, the telemetry data of the Hornet- OSD will continue to be transmitted via the video stream.

Application diagram
The Hornet-OSD can directly connect to the data output port of FY-21AP, FY-31AP or FY-3ZT, or separately connect to the output port of GPS module, and then overlay the flight data information to the video signal. The application diagram is shown as below.

(Note: The modules in the imaginary line frame means that you can choose any one of these modules to connect . )


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