Deep Learning Drone Platform


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Deep Learning Drone Platform


• The education drone is designed for a foldable six-rotor drone. The width of the drone is reduced by 60% after folding. The drone has a specially designed backpack for easy carrying and rapid deployment.

• There are upgrade holes on the top and sides of the drone. The drone can be equipped with a customized 3D printed structure. After upgrading the 3D printing structure, the drone can be equipped with a cable hub or 5G converter.

• Education drone has special power system design, flight time is about 20 minutes and the effective payload is 1 kg.

• Due to different research needs, there are many types of drone equipment that can be mounted. We can design various customized usage requirements according to the purpose of the equipment.

Specification Parameters

Weight 4.2Kg
Axial span 820 mm
Flight time 20 minutes
Distance 4 Km+
Payload 1 Kg
Dimension Folded Dimensions (without proprllers) 654mm(L) x 342 mm(W) x 210mm(H)
Unfolded Dimensions (without proprllers) 765mm(L) x 867 mm(W) x 210mm(H)
Propeller 14”
Battery Li-Po 10,000mAh


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